Domaine Naudin-Ferrand

Burgundy, France | website

Claire Naudin-Ferrand is a winemaker who refuses to be categorised. Like many winemakers we represent, she works organically but is not certified. She believes the organic accreditation can lead to a standardisation of wine, something she is keen to avoid. She avoids chemicals in the vineyard, not only because they affect soil quality in the long-term, but because she feels they are detrimental to the health of vineyard workers. She is highly sensitive to sulphur so she has sought to minimise its use, producing a line of naturally fermented wines which see a very small addition only at bottling. She argues with AOC authorities, feeling that some of the rules are detrimental to the quality of soil in the Côte d’Or and, ultimately, to the quality of wine.

Although the estate has been in the family for generations, Claire felt it important to do make her own path growing up, and after studying geology and agronomy she travelled to Australia and New Zealand before returning home to take over from her father. She uses natural yeasts, as opposed to cultured ones, and the cellar is gravity-fed, meaning grapes are not damaged before the ferment. No filtration or fining is carried out, as she prefers to rack the wine a few extra times before bottling, yielding fewer traces of additives and a more natural wine. In a region with ever rising prices, Claire offers excellent quality Burgundies at a refreshingly reasonable cost.