Philippe Bornard

Jura, France | website

Philippe Bornard inherited old vineyards in the village of Pupillin near Arbois and the Swiss border from his father, who previously sold to co-ops. His mentor and Arbois icon Pierre Overnoy eventually convinced Philippe to make his own wine, and now, with over 27 years of experience, he biodynamically farms nearly 6 hectares in two appellations: Côtes du Jura and Arbois-Pupillin. The grapes are grown at high altitudes, on limestone and clay soils, allowing a slow ripening. The resulting wines beautifully reflect the terroir of the Jura and we are thrilled to have secured a tiny allocation for the Ontario market.

Philippe Bornard range available for private order!


2011 Cotes du Jura Savignin ‘Les Marnes’ (1 yr. sous-voile)

2005 Arbois-Pupillin Ploussard ‘La Chamade’

2013 Arbois-Pupillin Pinot Noir ‘L’Aide Mémoire’ ‘L’Ivresse de Noe’ VdF (Late harvest Savignin) Vin de Jo-Liqueur (Macvin style)

The white Savignin ‘Les Marnes’ is topped up for its first year in barrel and then left alone for another year, aging ‘sous voile’ beneath a flor-like layer of yeast in order to develop the oxidative style for which Jura whites are well known.

The reds are made from Pinot Noir, as well as the indigenous Poulsard (aka Ploussard). Poulsard is a light, delicate almost translucent red wine that gives off aromas of red currants, citrus and saddle leather with a touch of cinnamon.There is a purity and silkiness to this wine that makes it quite ethereal. It matches with just about any food you care to think of. We have obtained a small allocation of the 2005 ‘La Chamade’, offering a rare chance to obtain a mature Poulsard.

The ‘Ivresse de Noe’ is a November harvest Savagnin. A little of residual sugar along with high acidity gives this non-oxidative Savagnin a distinctive style. it is a beautiful, vinous wine with a very long finish. This is an ideal wine to pair with lighter desserts or dishes with sweet and savoury elements, and offers a great alternative to richer styles of dessert wine.

The ‘Vin de Jo-Liqueur’ has been fortified and runs to 17% alcohol. It is made in the local Macvin style but not strictly according to the rules required for it to carry the appellation "Macvin du Jura". A marc or eau-de-vie style alcohol made in the Jura and matured for 18 months is added to the wine to stop the fermentation and to ensure that the sweetness is retained. Macvin has been produced in this area since the 14th century even though the appellation was only proclaimed in 1991.